Meet Annabel

Wedding Candy Floss Hire

At our weddings you will normally hear us laughing even when you cannot see us, as it is all about having fun and creating memories with your loved ones.


To say I am obsessed with weddings and all things fairground, is an understatement, and if you are having a carousel at your wedding I’m your girl, and I am definitely having a ride on it!


Dolly Dimples Weddings & Events Hire was named after a nickname of mine as a child, and all the items we hire are basically my mind visions.  I do not make or buy anything which I myself do not love, and I am the pastel fairground Queen.


FUN FACT about me - I once covered my manager’s office in tin foil right down to the individual pens.   She loved her April fool :)


To all My Couples, 

Thank you! 

You not only fund a dream but also, my obsession.

Annabel x