Circus Package

In addition to our Pretty Pastel Fairground Games we also have a more traditional themed collection of games.  Our Circus Package works in the same way as above.  Being a smaller collection these are hired as a collection of all four pieces – Put a Ring On It, Red Striped Coconut Shy, Helter Skelter Hoopla & Beat the Buzzer.  This collection is also perfect for indoor use, which is great for the winter months as well as the summer.

Coconut shy
A queue maker! The most popular game, the coconut shy.  Knock down the coconut shy faces.

Beat the Buzzer

Can you get around the buzzer without a sweat.

Helter Skelter Hoopla
Throw the wooden rings onto the posts

put a ring on it
The perfect wedding game! Throw the rings on the fingers.

Kissing Booth
The perfect alternative photo booth, and great for guest couples to take a selfie.
Also available to hire separately.