Pretty PAstel GAMES

below is a selection of photos from our previous events showcasing our pretty pastel games

Coconut shy
Try to knock the coconuts off the posts with the flamingo printed bean bags.

Ring toss
See if you can throw the rings onto the bottles.

Tin can alley
How many can you knock down?  Can you knock the complete set?

Hook a duck
Try to hook the floating ducks.  Keeping those little kids and big kids too entertained.
Prefect for toddlers

Stand the bottle
Try and stand the bottle up!  A Challenging and fun game. See if you can play without breaking out in a sweat? (my favourite game, its so addictive)

Splat the rat
As the rat runs through the tunnel try to bat the rat as he shoots out of the bottom.

Corn Hole
The aim of the game is to get the bean bags through the holes, scoring the highest points.

Wedding Peep Board/ Head through hole
Bride and Wrestler Peep Through Board, a great photo opportunity to entertain those guests. Typically seen at the seaside.

Test your strength with our sweat punching game.

ball in bucket
Try your skills and aim, to see if you can get the balls into the bucket.

A traditional pub game, great for a competition between the guests!   Who can get the bullseye?

Throw the rope rings onto the board, and add up your total score to see who has won the highest number.