Our Game Packages


How does it all work then?....

We have two different game collections to choose from:

1. Our Pretty Pastel Games -

This is our largest collection, where you are welcome to pick and choose from a minimum of 6 games to make up a package.

      2. Our Circus Package -

            which is a smaller collection of 6 games.

You are welcome to pick and choose any of our games from either package.


Why our games?....

Our entertainments packages are designed to create the fun element, entertaining many guests at once & making sure that your big day is filled with laughter and giggles.  


You are able to relax and enjoy your day knowing all your guests are being entertained & having the best time (your photographer will thank you for it too). 

There is tons of fun to be had, and some fabulous photos are always caught in action!  It is a great way of bringing all your guests together during your drinks reception, or during the time after the meal before your DJ kicks off, this is where you tend to have empty gaps.

Your guests come from all walks of your lives, of times only knowing the person they are attending with.  Our games add a talking point, the perfect ice breaker, something to make them put their phones down for and create memories.  


Having your photographs taken & mingling with your guests can be quite time consuming, and that is where our packages come into play - your guests can be left to mingle with friends and family enjoying their drinks, while being entertained, engaging in a little healthy competition.

On the day....


The Dolly Team will come along on the big day to set up your chosen games package, and will stay in attendance for the duration of their stay.  We are on hand to help catch balls, make things look pretty again, and explain how to play the games if need be, enhancing you & your guests’ experience. Basically gate crashing and having a laugh.


Our games are unique to us as we have personally designed and lovingly handmade so many of them. We also finish off the look, creating a massive decor element to your day, by surrounding our games where possible with ribbon bunting, and our signature heart sticks are scattered into the grass.  They all come with their own carnival font wooden signs, and all decorative items are included within our packages.



Please include the event date & your venue for our availability.

We are always super happy to help & talk weddings!


check us out in action in the below video

Special Thanks to salmoncrestweddingfilms.com for creating the above film for us.

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